Loch Ness

When you look at some of the stats for Loch Ness, it’s easy to imagine that it could hold a Monster, maybe even a family of them. It really is big and very deep.

Take a look at some Loch Ness facts:


Length of Loch:









These stats make Loch Ness the second biggest Loch in Scotland by area and the biggest lake in the British Isles by volume. Loch Ness has a volume of 7 billion cubic metres which means it can hold all the freshwater in every lake, river and reservoir in England and Wales. The volume is so great that Loch Ness would be big enough to hold the entire human population of earth—if you squeezed them in right.

The Loch is also very dark and murky. This is because of the high concentration of peat in the water. That makes underwater visibility only a couple of feet on the surface and means there is zero visibility below the 9m mark.

Because of the combination of the Loch’s size, temperature, lack of nutrients in the water and location it is an excellent source for study. Even without taking into account the Monster. The work of the Super Natural History team will be vital in discovering exactly what lives in and around this deep and mysterious lake.